Welcome to the Hoosier Den

The Hoosier Den is a late night entertainment space run by students for students. Its a place for students to go who are looking to have an entertaining evening and meet new people. The facility always strives to meet the entertainment and social needs of IU Residence Hall students through dynamic programming and facility accessibility.

The facility was first conceptualized in 2005, when Patrick Conner, Executive Director of RPS, approached the RPS Space Utilization Committee. The committee, over the course of the 2005-2007 school years, found a location for the space and transformed the concept into a physical space.

The Hoosier Den first opened Super Bowl Sunday of 2007 in Foster (Gresham), located in the Northwest residential neighborhood. A second space opened in August of 2015 in Read (Clark) located in the Southeast residential neighborhood. We offer free programs and activities for student entertainment.